• A Hotly Contested Primary

    The 2013 Republican Primary for Prothonotary in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was one of the most closely watched in the state.  It pitted long-time incumbent Patricia Bachtle against newcomer Michelle Christian.  The twist?  This time the newcomer had secured the Republican endorsement over the incumbent. Pathfinder developed a comprehensive campaign strategy based on voter targeting, historic turnout and polling data to craft a message to older voters who made up a disproportionate share of the likely electorate.  Using imagery and language that resonated with all Republicans but especially seniors, Bachtle was…

  • Winning in “Swing” Districts

    In 2010, Warren Kampf faced a Democratic incumbent in one of the most competitive performing districts in Pennsylvania. By remaining disciplined with his message and constantly contrasting with the incumbent, Kampf won a 700 vote victory. In 2012, Kampf once again faced the Democrat he defeated in 2010 in what was billed by news organizations as the most competitive state House election of the year due to both the district and the Presidential race above him on the ballot. Conveying a message of fiscal discipline that focused on more socially…

  • Pathfinder’s Ercole Named One of PA’s Top Political Operatives

    From, 12/26/2012: Jason Ercole, President, Pathfinder Communications Ercole’s company Pathfinder helped the HRCC hold the line in an otherwise strongly pro-Dem cycle. The crown jewel: Warren Kampf, who was re-elected despite a concerted effort by a top tier challenger. He’s been in and around GOP campaigns for over two decades.